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Cheltenham Private Tutoring was established in order to redefine the concept of private tuition; in the United Kingdom, private tuition is all too often the domain of the unqualified student informally looking to supplement their income, or retired teachers working piecemeal as a hobby.  This seems an entirely unsatisfactory arrangement for something as critical as your child’s education.  


Cheltenham Private Tutoring, therefore, treats tuition as a full-time vocation. We provide teaching of the highest standard from a young, qualified professional working full-time as a private tutor.


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In 2006 I graduated at the top of my year with an MA in Forensic Linguistics from Cardiff University - The world's foremost institute for forensic Linguistic Postgraduate Study.    


Prior to my Postgraduate studies I previously attained a BA Hons Degree in English Language.  Whilst this afforded me a sound understanding of traditional linguistic theory and analysis, the MA in Forensic Linguistics provided me the opportunity to focus on pioneering research into the study of ‘language crimes’.  Areas of investigation included: plagiarism, author attribution/exclusion, blackmail, extortion, threats, and copyright infringement.


My own particular area of interest, and that which formed the basis of my dissertation, focussed on the linguistic comprehensibility of the  ‘Standard of Proof’ Specimen Jury Instructions of the Criminal Courts of England and Wales. This topic has since proved to be of some significance and is currently the focus of further large-scale study.  


In 2009 I formed Cheltenham Private Tutoring, a bespoke private tuition service tailored, primarily, to the needs of those boarding at the prestigious Ladies' College.  Over the years, however, the range of clients has broadened as has their equally varied needs; from those students seeking  the top percentile in their International Baccalaureate studies and scholarship places, to those students with learning difficulties or anxiety disorders simply seeking a pass and a chance to rebuild their self-esteem.



I feel incredibly lucky, not only in that Cheltenham Private Tutoring enables me to pursue my life’s passion for English studies on a daily basis, but most importantly, it allows me to really make a difference to the lives of my students.  It is a privilege to be a part of their academic growth.  To date, over eighty students have passed through the doors, and all, without fail, have gone on to achieve their full potential.


In 2015 we are expanded into the Sevenoaks, Kent area.  I am very much looking forward to the next chapter.



Elisa Joyce, BA Hons, MA Forensic Linguistics


Director & English Tutor





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