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Private Tutoring

Bespoke English Literature & Language Tuition


Cheltenham Private Tutoring  provides specialist examination preparation, coursework supervision and ongoing mentoring across a range of courses, including:

GCSE English Language & Literature


IGCSE English Literature & Language


International Baccalaureate English


AS and A2 English Language & Literature


Undergraduate Degree Level English Language & Literature

It is commonplace for schools to sit under differing examination boards for the same scheme of study, even within the same district.  There are vast differences not only in the choices of prose available, but crucially in the structure of teaching, methods and modes of assessment as well as the focus of curricula.  


Not all English GCSE’s, for example, are the same and depending on your child’s school they will be at a disadvantage if they are unfamiliar with their particular assessment structure and criteria.  Even within one examination board there are multitudes of course weightings available; knowledge of this is critical.    


Cheltenham Private Tutoring is well-versed in tutoring under every major domestic and international examination board, including CIE IGCSE (University of Cambridge International Examinations), OCR, AQA, WJEC and Edexcel as well as IB International Baccalaureate.  

English Language and Literature straddle a number of disciplines; a solid grasp of the subjects should not be perceived as limited to one specific qualification, rather it should be understood as enhancing the core skills needed to progress through to further education, in any sphere.  Tuition serves to enhance such skills as: critical analysis and interpretation, essay construction, comprehension, coursework composition, research skills, note-taking skills, exam techniques & revision skills, as well as public speaking confidence.  


A number of Literature students have, over the years, sought assistance with literature from interrelated subjects ranging from Philosophy with the works of Kant and Foucault to Classics with the works of Sophocles and Ovid.  We are happy to help wherever possible.