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"The two most eloquent endorsements of Elisa’s work are the results which her students obtain and the enthusiasm which characterises the way they approach their English studies.


To judge from the comments of students themselves, Elisa is a knowledgeable and intelligent teacher who has the knack of putting her pupils at ease without compromising the purposefulness of their tutorial sessions.  She is encouraging yet dynamic, punctilious and demanding yet helpful whenever difficulties arise and able to gauge the pace appropriate to individuals.  It goes without saying that Elisa’s grasp of examination syllabus and technique is absolute but she still contrives to make the content of her lessons varied and interesting.


Finally, Elisa’s youthful approach enables her to identify with her students and gives her an empathy with the challenges they face.  Any young person committed to improve their academic understanding would be fortunate to have Elisa Joyce as their mentor."


Richard Youdale - Owner & Director Alpha Plus Guardian Services Ltd. & Retired Headmaster Ely College





“Both of my sons have dyslexia.  Both hated English (especially Shakespeare!). Despite good grade predictions in other subjects, both were predicted C/D in both English Language and English Literature.  English was, very definitely, their 'Achilles Heel'.


My eldest son started seeing Elisa after a parents’ evening where his English teacher explained to me at great length how they would support him through a retake if he failed. He spent just over a term seeing Elisa once a week and, to everyone's astonishment (including his!) he achieved an A in English Language and an A* in English Literature. His English teacher was so stunned she sent off for his exam paper to check there hadn't been a mistake! My youngest son then saw Elisa for two terms and, although his final results are not yet out, he achieved A/A*s in all his course work (worth 50%).


The boys never complained about having extra lessons in a subject they hated so much despite neither being particularly keen (to say the least!) in advance.  Elisa has a way of making English accessible and interesting to teenage boys (they tell me she has a wicked sense of humour!) and they both said that the lesson was "really useful actually" whenever I asked. They will never like Shakespeare, both still loath him in fact, but Elisa ensured that could at least understand his work! I have, and will continue, to recommend her unreservedly; she is an outstanding English tutor.”


Lisa Jenner - Parent






“Elisa Joyce is friendly and professional.  She takes her role as tutor very seriously.   She is thoroughly prepared for each session and has the ability to build confidence in her pupils.  In my daughter’s case Elisa had not tutored for this particular exam board before as it was tailored to the South African curriculum, and so Elisa made it her job to find out exactly what the syllabus covered and the marking scheme.  She is completely open and honest about the number of sessions the pupil may require and is willing to be flexible with location which is a big help.  


I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for all the work you put in with Hannah, she was absolutely delighted with her results."


Claire Cook - Parent



"I have had the pleasure of knowing Elisa Joyce for the last 12 months. I first made contact with her through a tutor website and emailed her a message of utter desperation. I had (some would argue quite optimistically) decided to take on a distance learning English Literature A-level and had only given myself 12 months in which to complete it. After sending my message I received an email back within a few hours. From that first contact Elisa fully understood my situation and has been consistently understanding and patient with me ever since.


Throughout the writing of my coursework I enjoyed lively discussions about the texts I was studying and always felt that Elisa genuinely enjoyed them with me. I thoroughly believe that if it had not been for Elisa’s enthusiasm I would not have been able to complete my work to the high standard in which I did. Although I already enjoyed reading literature, Elisa instilled in me a love of deciphering texts and exploring the contexts in which they were written.


Elisa’s vast and knowledgeable background in language was an absolute asset to me and her effectiveness as a tutor comes from her thorough planning and preparation for every lesson. Elisa would always know what I was doing, even if I did not. I was always met at the door with a friendly face and I came to really look forward to my sessions.

All in all, I could not be more grateful for the support and mentoring I have received from Elisa. She is incredibly good at what she does and I will miss my sessions with her greatly."    


Alexandra Finley – Mature Student





"My son has made significant improvement in his time with Elisa.  His development has been highlighted by greater confidence with his studies; whether it be written, oral or reading communication.  The short space of time with Elisa during his GCSE's has led to major improvements in his coursework, moving from C grade assignments to A grade, which has strengthened his position prior to his GCSE's. The preparation for GCSE examinations in terms of revision has been unparalleled; he has been instilled with a confidence which has been reflected in his examination performance and taken away any pre-exam jitters.

I would highly recommend others to take advantage of Elisa's natural ability to teach and enable your child to be placed in a strong position for their studies."


April Mubarak - Parent





Our son, a reluctant GCSE English student, seemed to be struggling with the subject and at the beginning of Year 10 we decided to get him some additional help.  Elisa was a great choice, she is enthusiastic, supportive and good fun and during the tutorial sessions they went through all the basics, discussed coursework, looked at the set texts and covered approaches to exam questions.  Our son always enjoyed the sessions and was never reluctant to go along to them.  From a parent's perspective, Elisa is approachable, responsive and supportive.  If you want a tutor who will inspire and encourage your child, then I can heartily recommend Elisa; we are so glad we found her.  


Jill Bradley - Parent


"I started seeing Elisa about 18 months before my English GCSE Exam and it was by far the best tutoring I have ever received. The constant support and encouragement she gave me on the run up to my exams was extraordinary. She helped with confidence in my writing abilites and helped me achieve the 'A grade' that 18 months before my GCSEs I never thought possible."


Alex McHattie - Student






"My daughter's English is going from strength to strength and she is increasingly confident in herself. She has had a very good end to the term with solid marks across all of her subjects including significant improvements in English. More importantly she now has a greater awareness of her abilities and, with that, a real sense of achievement. Furthermore, with her new found confidence, she is planning to continue into the Sixth Form, which 12 months ago may not have been within her sights.  Thank you."


C. Stephens Parent



"My daughter has loved being tutored by Elisa for the past two years. English literature seemed overwhelming and boring at the beginning but with Elisa's encouragement and expert knowledge it soon became a pleasurable experience. I can't believe she will be studying it in the sixth form! With Elisa's guidance of course!"


Ann McHattie - Parent





“I taught and supervised Elisa when she took our MA in Forensic Linguistics in the academic year 2005-2006.  I was impressed instantly with her ability and enthusiasm in class.  Her results for the first semester were exemplary.  I have rarely seen such a fine performance, when students have to adapt to the higher level of MA work, and these results are testament to her true academic ability.


Throughout her life Elisa has overcome extraordinary adversity to do very well at both school and university.  She is resourceful, determined and able, and deserves to do exceptionally well.  I am happy to give her my full support.”


Dr. Chris Heffer

Director, MA in Forensic Linguistics

Centre for Language and Communication Research

Cardiff University






"I want to  thank you for teaching and inspiring [my daughter] with her English writing.   Elisa, many thanks for giving your support and teaching.  [My daughter] was so pleased every time after your tuition and we are so pleased to learn that she received such an excellent grade in her English subject.  


Thank you!"


Winnie Yeung - Parent






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