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FaceTime /Skype tutoring was initially introduced as a means of sustaining and supplementing face-to-face tuition during the school holidays when the majority of international boarders return home.  The holiday periods are often the time when students require the most intensive mentoring in the lead-up to examinations or coursework deadlines, but the international nature of many students' living arrangements would traditionally make this difficult.  One of the many advantages of FaceTime/ Skype tuition is that it allows much-needed continuity of study as well as complete flexibility.





FaceTime and Skype tuition has proven to be incredibly successful since its introduction a few years ago and is taking on an increasingly integral role in both Sevenoaks and Cheltenham Private Tutoring.  For many students and parents alike, it is now their preferred method of tuition; as such, it is now offered as an entirety standalone option.   It enables students to take advantage of both Sevenoaks and Cheltenham Private Tuition irrespective of nationality or geography.



Skype and FaceTime tuition is an incredibly time-efficient means of study through a medium that the majority of students find second-nature and incredibly convenient.  From a parental point of view it also offers the distinct advantage of allowing the student a sense of autonomy in that they are no longer reliant on a parent or guardian to transport them to-and-from tuition which can impose logistical difficulties in hectic lives and instead they are able to arrange tuition at a time that best suits both parent and student.